After the Future

by Whelpwisher

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I finished a project to write and record a song a day for two weeks. This album consists of the best 10 of those 14 songs. Thanks to Suzy for putting up with me.

All sounds by Ben Grigg, recorded at Boozy Grin from 7/31/17-8/13/17.


released August 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Whelpwisher Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Mary, Cheated
I don't want to die today, and you've been on my mind of late
It's coming up in spades, oh god
I was just a child back then, how can you blame me but

Inspiration cheated in life and song

I don't want to die today, but too much on my mind, head gray
Miles away and underground
I'm not sure what I would say if you were right here but

Inspiration cheated in life and song
Competence confused for what I did wrong
Track Name: After the Future
This day and age got me worried
Sun is rising on an open sore
What can I do? Who can I help?
Dig my head deeper away

After the future will they pick apart our actions and
Point out the moral problems of our young and dumb and selfish impulses

This day and age got me worried
Can't read the news can't be alone
What can I do? How can I change?
Dig my head deeper away
Track Name: Sunday Drive
Take the time, only one way
My oh my, you blew my whole day
Dim the lights, dream of commotion
Mercury lights, perpetual motion

Sunday drive, think I'll be alone
Can't accept I'm hiding where I'm always in plain view

So I'm alive, happy birthday to me
Where you won't find, why can't I be
Track Name: You Stay Around
Fell asleep through the best years of my life
Living proof of the time I almost died
Boring story, I was passed out the whole time
Cannot speak what I don't remember right

You stay around, I stay right here

When J called me, it was something in my head
Floor came rushing, could have sworn that I was dead
Funny story, they were laughing all my friends
I had visions where I am and where I been
Track Name: Time Management
Do you get wasted on a sunny day
What do you do with time to throw away
Ride from station B to station A
Destination undefined and gray

Sit and waste my time, not if I can help it
Never was my plan, damn if it's my fate

Do you get wasted on a sunny day
Do you find purpose in the mental drain
Pull the plug and watch it drip away
Destination emptiness, decay

God you try so hard
Hurts to try so hard
And watch it all just slip away
Track Name: Five Year Plan
The future is a strange thing
Draw your cards to see
Five year plan to still exist
Hard enough to be
Move away and quit your job
You're changing the wrong thing
Stuck inside your head despite
All the traveling
Turn yourself into a dog
It's worth imagining
In another country you're a hund
Vow vow dasein
That's a plan I'd like to make
Fetching and lapping
No hard choices left to made
Goodbye old me
Track Name: Agoraphobia
Decisions done today
Can't change things now if I wanted to

And I want to drown in my bedroom
Hardest place to leave is home

Feel my mind shutting down
Scanning through the daily noise
Wake me from this nightmare of thrill-jock news
One more hour left to waste
Track Name: City Slicking
Cynic cries out for patience yeah
Death of a bum relation yeah
Blown apart by the vastness of it all
Wrap my head around the roundness

But you like it

City dues pay your papers yeah
Accountant clerk and waitress yeah
Track Name: Where to Hide
Save it for a rainy day
Safest spot I know to hide it away

It's safe now, I set it in the sun

Not sure how to get it back today
Probably didn't want it anyway
Track Name: The Stupid Industry
A bird in the hand is worth two in the sea
Can't break it down, stupid industry
I'll say goodbye and I don't mind

A bird in the hand is worth more on the street
I hope that all your worries come from me
Sorry never cut so deep
Stitch me up now I'll be brief