by Whelpwisher

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Some basement recordings from spring 2016.
All sounds by Ben Grigg.


released May 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Whelpwisher Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Can't Do Anything
Lost in who I can be
Lost in who I'm with, well
What do I say?

Can't do anything, no
Living lost in myth, well
What did I say?

The future's strange
Can't do anything
Hear me fade
It's okay.
Track Name: Poster Child
Read about your famous friends
They don't write now
There's bigger things in life than them
The poster child for the poster that they're selling
It's youth and fashion
I read it anyway because I've got no passion

Read about your famous friends
Shiny gold smile
There's bigger things in life than them
And their hairstyles
Who can blame them living life and having fun?
So jealous while I'm stuck inside feeling done
So tell me about your famous friends.
Track Name: Meteor
There is a god, his name is George
Meeting her in due course
He got a dog, his name is Horse
Who knows why, rules by force

Writes down your thoughts, it's easier
You can read them when you die
Straight from the source, the meteor
Where your head makes up its lies
Track Name: Complications
You say it's the best it ever was
Ever wanted to be
Save it for all the rest
I can't trust that you're talking to me

Complications in the face of it
Condemnations, left here tasting it
Salutations, won't be making it
Saturation from you faking it